Captive Segregated Accounts

Citadel International Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Segregated Account facilities are provided in Bermuda through Citadel International Reinsurance Company Limited (“CIRCL”). CIRCL was established in Bermuda in [     ] and is licenced under The Insurance Act 1978 and registered under The Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000. CIRCL can provide an inexpensive alternative solution to your risk financing needs without the either the costs or the administrative obligations of a wholly-owned conventional captive insurance company.

Citadel Tennessee Captive Insurance Company

Citadel Tennessee Captive Insurance Company was formed in 2018 to provide an alternative cell structure to Citadel clients. Citadel Tennessee offers Incorporated Cell captive structures that provide unique isolation of assets and liabilities within cells. More than just “Protected Cells”, Incorporated Cells add the protections of the corporate veil to the segregated assets and liabilities. Cells are free to make independent filings like 831(b) and they make individual income tax filings. Incorporated Cells are suitable as incubators for owned captive companies and a unique law in Tennessee eases the transition from to cell to owned captive.

Incorporated cells are managed by Cedar Consulting LLC and receive the same consulting and management services as our other captives.