"I view Citadel as a flexible, independent reinsurer which takes a positive and pragmatic approach to new business opportunities, particularly smaller deals and start-ups.  Citadel is one of the few A-rated reinsurers willing to consider the broad range of opportunities so necessary for an independent broker like Endeavour.  In summary, I find Citadel to be an innovative, responsive and highly-valued reinsurance market."  Keith Hodgett endeavour

Goldberg Segalla

“Citadel fulfill a role that is unique in the market. Through their consulting services they help identify, quantify, manage and resolve issues, often with considerable longevity. Through their reinsurance arm they can help eliminate or make more manageable many of the issues that are otherwise insoluble. They offer a unique double pronged solution and they do it with professionalism, experience and a human face”.  Clive O’Connell  goldberg

Cooper Gay

“I have had the pleasure of very successful transactions with Citadel Re on a major European Marine X/L programme, their approach to business is refreshing, engaging and embracing in all respects with particular emphasis on understanding the dynamics of indigenous business practices and clients requirements.  A combination of fair-minded, constructive and friendly approach to business opportunities makes for a pleasant trading relationship with the Citadel Re/ Citadel Risk team”.  Trevor Brown cooper-gay

Besso Limited

“We have dealt with Citadel Risk on numerous occasions and, have been very pleased with their innovative approach to problem solving, we are also pleased that we get to deal with the top people in the company which means they are serious about doing business.”  Ken Barrett


“Lonsdale Insurance Brokers have been doing business with Citadel for several years. We have successfully transacted several contracts with them and are delighted to deal with a company that has such an excellent security rating. Some of the proposals we have put forward have been complex and lengthy and Citadel have always responded with a positive attitude.”  Richard Jessel lonsdale

Alpha Group

“Over the past years, we have done a number of transactions with Citadel.  It has always been a pleasure to experience the innovative approach, flexibility and integrity that Citadel offers.”  Jakob  Selmer  Olsen   alphagroup

Chesterfield Group

“Citadel are a breath of ‘fresh air’ in the London Market where as a Lloyd’s Broker you only need to convince two underwriters (rather than a committee) that it is a ‘good idea’ plus they are prepared to look ‘outside the box’ at a risk which is fast becoming a thing of the past official website. Long may you prosper”.  Mike Lilley  chesterfield


“I have always found Citadel to be a valuable and responsive reinsurance partner.  We enjoy their creative approach to the business and are often willing to structure solutions to the more difficult issues our clients face.  Citadel succeed where larger markets fail, we particularly value their input on the niche opportunities that are harder to deal with.”   James Mounty <img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-922" src="https://www.citadelrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/miller crestor 20 mg.jpg" alt="miller" width="160" height="85" srcset="https://www.citadelrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/miller.jpg 160w, https://www.citadelrisk.com/wp-content/uploads/miller-150x79.jpg 150w" sizes="(max-width: 160px) 100vw, 160px" />