kindle-fireYour chance to win an amazing GoPro HERO7 White

Citadel Risk will give away a fantastic new GoPro to the person who submits the best caption on this site for each of the images we post.

Previous Entries

Well that surprised you all didn’t it.

I, Tony Weller, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the profit of Citadel. So help me God.

An early signal the market is about to harden?

Joe discovered the Root problem quickly. He covered his mouth. He just didn’t dare swallow, just in case they could be reattached.

Polls apart – Voters shun election en mass as less than magnificent seven labour for support as UK Kips rather than vote. Most turn Green at sight of motley candidates with trio having had the SNiP to fit Liberal dress code.

Cupla shark biscuit Santas chucking a sickie at Chrissie…

With Rolf Harris indisposed, Tony had some difficulty in tying his kangaroo down…

Trying to avoid all risk, the boys decided that even Ronaldo would not hit someone with a handbag

Goofy had it coming, man…I just couldn’t take it anymore!

A fig leaf just wouldn’t do the job.

It was decided to tell Mike to ‘rein in dear’ on the xmas booze… already

“…and Bill had Monica – where did I go wrong?!”

No, no! This Monsters Inc audition is voice-overs!

Cricket: An A-Rod free zone. Let’s keep it that way.

Bubba and Webb – Over The Moon… but little they knew, for it was too soon! An hour did pass, and a different tune, Blubba and Weep – Wooden Spoon!

The relay team dubbed the Aussie Spice Girls in shock as Ginger Spice admits “I really need to cut down on the testosterone”

Tony’s fear that the wheels would fall off one day finally comes true…

I know we said Swan Lake… but did you have to eat the swan first!!?…

The wrist is fine, I just don’t know why I’m walking in the snow in me jammies!

Are you sure this is what IT meant when they said “turn it off and turn it on again”?

Tony, we’re getting strange looks! Are you absolutely sure they all dress like this in Bavaria?

A young Silvio Berlusconi stands by his interpretation of “per bottom” coverage…

Although he wasn’t 100% sure, Art could have sworn he heard the sound of banjos…