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Collecting information

Citadel Risk Group and related companies is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information we receive from you. The purpose of this statement is to explain what personal information we collect and how we may use it.

Apart from the information that you voluntarily provide to us through business cards, emails or in the process of retaining our services, we collect no personal data about you, and we do not collect more personal data than is necessary for keeping in touch.  We do not collect any personal data from you visiting our website.

Information shared with third parties

We do not transfer your personal data or share it with anyone else unless we are compelled to do so by law or a court order.

Right to access

Citadel will use its best endeavours to ensure that the personal data which we hold is as accurate as possible. Please let us know immediately if there any changes to your information or if you become aware that the information that we hold is incorrect.

You may contact us to find out what, if any, personal data we hold about you, and ask us to correct or update this data.

Right to object

You can tell us at any time if you would prefer not to receive our publications, event information and/or marketing communications.  The easiest way to do this is to use the ‘unsubscribe’ option included in all our circular emails.


We are committed to keeping your personal data and records confidential.

Your personal data will only be handled by employees and consultants of this company who have all signed a confidentiality agreement, have the integrity to keep your personal data confidential and will use your data only for the purpose for which it was collected. Each staff member has their own password to log in to their own email account.