Run Off & Legacy Solutions

Citadel Risk offers a range of experienced run-off consultants to work with clients in defining, planning and implementing their run-off management strategy. We provide our clients with a consultative and bespoke management package that deals with clients individual strategic aims, including:

  • On-going “orderly” management of run-off portfolios
  • Mitigation and portfolio reduction of liabilities
  • Design and implementation of a strategic closure strategy

We provide a management process that combines all of the following:

  • Claims management
  • Reinsurance management
  • Consulting
  • Commutations
  • Debt purchase
  • Broker replacement
  • Back office administration

Benefits and aspects of run-off & legacy solutions:

  • Finality – the need for an absolute final solution to the management, administration, claim, accounting and regulatory issues.
  • Reputational – to ensure that the solution continues to uphold the good name and reputation and that the legacy portfolio is managed in a positive and professional manner.
  • Regulatory – that the solution complies with all necessary compliance and regulatory requirements and is an acceptable way forward for all involved parties including clients, markets and FCA.
  • Cost Effectiveness – the solutions have a reduction in operational costs.
  • Capital – the releasing of reserves and maximising capital extraction reduces volatility.
  • Operational – the reduction in operational risk through staff retention and redundant IT systems.

Key contacts

Gary Hall

Mike Palmer